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Watch a 2.5 minute video preview of a workshop.

Employee Wellness Programs

How can you decrease the stress that your employees are dealing with while improving their quality of life?

Your employees are stressed. They need a better balance of work and family life. Our humorous programs address issues that your employees deal with from workplace bullying, customer service, poor confidence, communication problems, etc...

Our Life Planning Series has seven workshops presented by a team of experts in the fields of healthcare, financial planning, estate planning, Medicaid planning, and Insurances. By providing critical information, your employees reduce their stress levels by knowing how to plan for their health, legal, financial, and emotional needs now and in the future.

Life Planning Workshops include:

  • Saving My Sanity: 5 Ways to Prevent Caregiver Burnout
  • Just Like Home: Choosing a Nursing Home
  • How to Qualify: Medicaid Planning
  • Financial Planning for a Secure Retirement
  • Insure My Retirement
  • The Basics of Estate Planning
  • What if It Were You? Healthcare Decisions Made Easy

Other Programs include:

  • Communicate This!
  • Difficult Clients...Here?
  • But...It Was a Joke
  • Mean Girls in the Workplace
  • Cocky, Arrogant, and Confident
  • Balance This! Family and Work...The Ultimate Juggle
  • Am I Crazy, or is It Just the Job?

Customized programs can also be provided to meet the needs of your employees.

What is the benefit to your company?

Often stress ties into loss of productivity in the workplace, mental health costs, and problems with co-workers as a result.

We empower your employees to plan and resolve issues that cause them anxiety. We give them the tools they need to make difficult decisions and a safe environment to practice new skills to resolve these issues. You can do this by bringing in Discuss Directives workshops. The benefit is a reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism, and your healthcare costs.

What should you expect?

Expect your employees to talk about these programs. By providing entertaining and informative programs, your employees will remember what they learned. The more an audience laughs and relates to the speaker, the more valuable the content is to the employee. As a result, they take action and make changes and plan for the future.

Continuing Education Seminars

If you are looking for an innovative program that will be the talk of your industry, Lisa Newburger is the presenter you are looking for. She has provided continuing educational programs for the insurance industry, financial planning industry, social workers, nurses, lawyers, and dental assistant program directors.

CE programs include:

  • "Balance This: Family and Work...The Ultimate Juggle"
  • "Let's Make it Personal" - Innovative programming regarding advance care planning
  • "Helping Your Clients Make Advance Directive Decisions"
  • "How Advance Directives Can Reverse Spiraling Health Care Costs"
  • "Advance Directives Can Lower Health Care Costs and Empower People"

Keynote & Conference Presentations

You are looking for a dynamic presenter who will keep your audience's interest. Finding the right speaker can be a challenge the bigger your audience is. Using Toastmasters skills and humor to entertain, Lisa Newburger is successful at educating large groups on the issue of advance directives. Your best presenters are the ones who are passionate about their topic and who are on the cutting edge of their industry. With a goal to change the face of health care as we know it by using advance directives to decrease health care costs, Lisa Newburger is the keynote you are looking for.

Community Outreach

Your club, organization, or religious institution provides programs to enlighten your members. Having an entertaining speaker with an important message will lead to the success of your program. Lisa Newburger has spoken at Rotary clubs, women's clubs, churches, synagogues, and assisted-living facilities with her workshop titled, "What If It Were You?"



"Lisa is a great presenter and storyteller! She brings awareness to a difficult topic in a non-intimidating way by using humor and storytelling to illustrate points. It is a program like no other—informative and thought provoking. A must attend!"
Alycia Thomas, Training Specialist, Medical Mutual of Ohio

"Lisa is charismatic, informative, and positive. I plan on following through with, utilizing the information she shared."
Chris Pinkerton, Agency and Broker Representative, Medical Mutual of Ohio

"Lisa's passion for one of the most overlooked financial planning issues is her greatest strength. She takes an emotional topic and matter-of-factly addresses the simple steps we need to take to empower our clients to move forward.“
George W. Morris, III CFP®, Morris Financial Advisors

"Excellent presentation this morning at the NEO Health Underwriters event this morning. Lisa was extremely informative, and I have a lot of nice takeaways (and things to think about). Keep up the great work...you've got a great thing going."
T.C. Williams, Senior, Small Group Account Executive, Kaiser Permanente

"Lisa's presentation style was energetic and interesting. Extremely informative.”
Tim Juda, Technical Analyst, Parker Hannifin Corporation

"... provided useful tools and skills to teach others how to discuss this sensitive but very important topic."
Nancy Traum, President/CEO, Solon (Ohio) Chamber of Commerce

"...an outstanding presentation. The West Side Veteran's Center audience was wrapped by her ability to connect with them."
Bobby Blackburn, Registered Representative, SagePoint Financial Advisors  

"Outstanding presentation to our staff about speaking and storytelling techniques! Lisa inspired us in ways that will make our presentations more effective and dynamic."
Liz Krantz, Volunteer Coordinator, The Gathering Place

"Lisa was masterful in a recent workshop on career development for executives."
David Alt, CFA, CFP, Investment and Financial Services Professional, PNC

"She is able to find a way to not only connect individuals, but simultaneously pulling the best out of them."
Scott Wiley, Chief Officer at Coleman Data Solutions





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