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Dear Diana Directive


Dear Diana:
I have a problem. I am single, have no kids, and know I should have a power of attorney. Who do I choose?
Denise from South Euclid, Ohio

Dear Denise:
Honey, we need to get you "out" of that house and mingling. But, that isn't what you asked...You choose someone who can "put up" with you. That is what I did...What I mean is that you need to find someone who you trust. Not a bartender or hair stylist...even though they are very important to a single woman. but, a person who knows your wishes and will follow them.
Love and kisses, Diana

Dear Diana:
What is a living will?
Karen from San Diego, California

Dear Karen:
Is this a trick question? It is sooooo easy. A living will is... a will that comes to life!! I know it sounds silly, but it makes sense. Think about it...If you are in a comma, did I say that right or is it a coma?...and can't make decisions for yourself, you need a piece of paper to say whether or not you want to live. Next time, send a more difficult question...this one didn't even use any of my brain capacity to answer it.
Love and kisses,

Dear Diana:
My son is going to the Ohio State University next fall. Should I talk to him about advance directives?
Marilee from Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Marilee:
What kind...of a mother are you? Why would you want to ruin his fun? Are you having PROBLEMS with your son leaving the nest? If so...get a dog. Dogs can't smash a car, get plastered, or move away...Maybe...those are reasons to actually... TALK.... to your son. Think about it for a minute...He is going to go off to school and will have no one to answer to. What if he does something silly? Those youngsters....they don't realize that something bad could happen to them. You should have that conversation.... After all, he might not even want you to be his decision maker... He might want ME instead!!!
Love and kisses, Diana

Dear Diana:
My wife and I disagree about something. She wants to talk about our "end-of-life" wishes. I don't. If we talk about them, they could happen, right? What do you think?
Charlie from Paris, Texas

Dear Charlie boy:
How long have you been married? Ok, that doesn't... really... matter. I would normally tell you that you are right. But...I have to be honest here. You aren't!!!! I used to believe that if you talked about something... it would happen... Like... if I thought I would chip a nail...I would. But guess what...It didn't happen. And if it did, it had nothing to do with the fact that I was actually "thinking". Life happens. You deal with it. It has nothing to do with karma. Lose your superstitions and keep the wife.
Love and kisses, Diana

Dear Diana:
How do I decide whether or not to have a Power of Attorney for Healthcare?
Fred from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Freddie:
Listen, this is a... BIG... decision to make. I know... I am not supposed to make decisions, but sometimes...you just have to take the plunge...Where was I? Oh yeah...Do you REALLY REALLY want a loved one to decide your fate if you can't answer for yourself? I think you are better off... rolling the dice and letting total strangers like... the doctors... make these decisions... This way... no one will feel burdened by you. Wait a sec... I need to change that. Try this...yes. Choose someone who LIKES you and actually cares to follow what you would want... And that's my final answer!
Love and kisses, Diana

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