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Heart2Hearts®: Stand Tuff


Heart2Hearts®: Stand Tuff deck of cards is a tool for identifying bullying behavior and ways to deal with it. The cards are presented in texting language as a result of focus groups with teenagers who didn't realize they had been bullied or have bullied others. This product will help schools, mental health centers and youth groups to develop open communication and ways to combat bullying. A few sample cards:

Sample Card    Sample Card    Sample Card    Sample Card

To purchase Heart2Hearts® cards customized for your company, school or organization, please contact (440) 591-8091 or lisa@discussdirectives.com.

Cost: $14.99 per deck, plus shipping and tax (Ohio only). Card backs can be customized with your logo and colors in quantities of 500 or more decks.

For bulk purchases, a 12-page curriculum is provided with a 50-minute classroom lesson included. This program demonstrates how to use the cards effectively for children of all ages. This curriculum was designed by Dr. Stephen Fairchild, an expert in curriculum development.


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"They help you understand what people are going through."

"It turns negative thoughts into more positive thoughts."

"A good communication starter to open lanes of discussion hopefully more freely."

"A very useful tool requiring introspection and participation."

"Very effective that it got each individual to reconsider not only their own experiences but also everyone else's around you."

"Very creative and they were real life questions."

"These cards help me to think more positively about myself."

"The product is very creative and effective."






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